Houses management and maintenance, Prague

Facility management

  • we offer full property management services - maintenance, accounts payable and receivable, law and regulatory compliance,

  • managing of technical revision according to the valid legislation (gas, electricity, chimneys, elevators, boilers, etc.),

  • organizing and managing repairs and maintenance of the building,

  • organizing and managing maintenance of garden, trees, etc.

  • management emergency services (water, gas, electricity, elevator), management of technical documentation, organizing and management of tenders for reconstruction, construction surveillance

Administrative management

  • keeping records of tenants, negotiation and providing of lease contracts with tenants,

  • keeping records of members and unit owners,

  • preparation of prescription payments for tenants, members of condominium,

  • payment control of rents, services, utilities,

  • management of insurance contracts,

  • debt recovery, preparation of documents for lawsuit,

  • account keeping, preparation of tax returns,

  • annual economy report,

  • attending owners’ association meetings.

Legal and other services

  • administration of legal issues, establishment of legal person,

  • foundation of Condominium, owner s association meetings,

  • managing of property valuation, assessment,

  • contact and filings with local authorities and service providers.